Fabián Oliver


Each project is different, in content, production, and financing. I work in two modes:

Location sound:

20 years experience in location sound recording for films, TV series, documentaries and commercials.

I travel extensively and I like working in new places, unusual situations, and conditions.

I’m always in touch with postproduction to avoid workflow problems.

Sound design and post:

It involves sound from the beggining of the project, from preproduction to location sound, postproduction, and final mix.

This method, beyond the aesthetic, and language contributions, ensures a fluid workflow, planned since before we started shooting, in coordination with the image post-production team.

Having a partner responsible for the sound of the film since preproduction, is reassuring to both: director and producer.

This region can provide a very good relation quality-price, with top facilities, all with a very professional team in location sound, as in postproduction and mix process.

The adaptation to all kinds of projects from a two people documentary, to a complex international production service is what i like of this work.



Production sound mixer

Sound design and postproduction