Equipment + location pictures


From very portable set ups for documentaries, commercials, or films sequences that demand it, to a full cart configuration, with acoustic blankets and all accessories for more traditional sets of feature film.

Meticulously maintained equipment, configured to your production’s needs.


Sabrina Garciarena

Aaton Cantar 8 tracks HD time code recorder + batt+chargers

Aaton Cantarem 8 faders remote mixer

Zoom F8 time code 8 tracks bkup recorder

Fostex FR2 2 tack CF recorder

Sony pcm D50 portable stereo recorder

Denecke TS2 smart slate

Ambient Slate

Ambient time code portable clocks

Portable Mixer 3 inputs Aeta Audio, Mixy with digital outputs

2 Schoeps CMC6 microphones

2 Schoeps CMC4 microphones

1 Schoeps MK4  cardioid capsule

2 Schoeps MK 41 hipercardioid capsules

1 Schoeps MK8 ( for stereo MS ) capsule

Neumann 82 i shotgun microphone

3 Rycote Zeppelins+ windshields

Lavalier microphones: Dpa 4060, Sanken cos11, Sennheiser MKE2

5 Sennheiser G2 wireless systems

7 Lectrosonics UHF diversity ( 4 in quadbox ) 211’s+210”s wireless systems

2 shark fin directional high gain antennas

10 Comtek ifb systems

3 carbon fiber boom poles (LTM, VDB, Ktek

9” Marshall HD video monitor

Energy distribution+Lithium batteries

Pelican cases

Sound cart

Sound trolley

6 acoustic blankets, white and black sides